Bikini Area Laser Hair Removal

For those who shave the bikini area, pubic area, or groin (pick your favorite term) there are often the annoyances of ingrown hairs, rough stubble, and razor burn. This area of the body is also difficult to wax – imagine all those nooks and crannies! Laser hair removal is a great alternative.

There are a few variations to this treatment. Some people prefer just a little removed (traditional bikini line), others a lot (full brazilian or G-string) – that is totally up to you. I have performed all variations and am comfortable with whatever your preference may be. Here is an interesting article from the New York Times.

Your privacy is important so you can be assured that as a female physician I will protect your privacy. The body area will be draped, exposing only the minimum area needed for an effective treatment. If you come to your appointment on time and the treatment goes as planned you will most likely NOT see anyone other than me.

Remember, the best candidate for effective laser hair removal is light skin with dark hair. Blond and gray hair are not good targets for the laser energy. Sun tanned skin is prone to discoloration (hypo and hyper pigmentation) so avoid the sun and wear sun screen prior to treatment.

The area must be shaved prior to treatment and free of any makeup, lotions, or moisturizers. Please use an antibacterial soap to thoroughly clean the area prior to your treatment.

My prices can be found here.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing Schemes

Pricing schemes for Laser Hair Removal have come a long way since we first began offering treatments in 1999. While our prices have changed, our pricing method has NOT! We believe that “pay as you go” is the safest and fairest pricing method. In other words, our prices are per treatment.

Common Myths:

Prices for laser hair removal are higher in laser clinics, medical spas, or when offered by plastic surgeons and other physicians. This might be true but varies quite a bit especially considering the various pricing schemes common these days. Use our prices and then get on the phone and call around. You might save quite a bit by driving less than an hour to a qualified clinic.

Package deals save money. You must do the arithmetic – what is the price per treatment? Typically a package includes 6 to 8 treatments that you pay for in advance then it’s up to you to comply with the terms of the contract – be sure to read the fine print. The clinic has your money before you have their service. The possible risks are that you may not like the service, you may not want further treatments, or the clinic may go out of business. The discount should be enough to offset these risks.

This price is good today only. We hate this pressure sales technique in any venue. If the price is so good (and fair) then it should be good tomorrow.

For an annual fee you can have as many treatments as needed. This is an expensive option that plays on a customer’s dream of being hair-free. Many clinics have stopped offering this pricing scheme because the customers kept coming back, even when they couldn’t get an appointment.

The Truth:

Some customers need/want only 3 treatments per year (the summer months) while others can only afford a single treatment at a time. Sometimes life forces us to change priorities and In these financially uncertain times we think it is best for our customers to simply “pay as they go.”

My prices can be found here.

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